The District Chairperson

I am pleased to welcome you to the Masaka District Local Government website which is intended to inform the public of our great Masaka and how it has transformed service delivery in Uganda.

Thank you for your interest in Masaka District Local Government. It has never been a more exciting time to join us on this website. Masaka District as an institution is charged with the mandate to provide services to the people of Masaka and has redefined its self through core values and principles; one of which emphasizes openness and information sharing.

World over, it is renown that one of the principles of good governance is transparency and accountability through providing information and accountability to the people. This website has therefore been established in fulfillment of the District’s pledge and desire for good governance through providing information and being accountable to the people. In our opinion, we feel that this website would go a long way in providing linkages between Masaka District Local Government and the world.

This is your opportunity to join us and help ensure that Masaka District is one of the best Districts in Uganda. In fulfilling our vision, the District has five pillars geared towards livelihood improvement in Masaka District through transformation of key sectors like Education, Health, Agriculture, Infrastructure development and industrialization to revive the local industries. The District Council is equally committed to realizing the set goals and objectives in transforming Masaka to its former glory.

I look forward to a fruitful implementation of the District pillars and Development Plan.